Postdoctoral Researchers and Graduate Students


Junko Kanero, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Junko’s research focuses on language development in infancy and childhood, neural processing of language, and interaction between language and non-linguistic cognition. At Koç University, she primarily works on the L2TOR project, which explores ways in which social robots facilitate second language acquisition in young children.
She basically enjoys anything. 


Aslı Aktan Erciyes, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Aslı is interested in language and cognition, its relations with bilingualism as well as narrative development. In the lab, Aslı worked in a TUBITAK-funded longitudinal language development study and currently working on a project funded by James McDonnell Foundation to examine early language development in brain injured and bilingual children.

She enjoys cooking and playing with her children.   CV


Gokce_Elif_BaykalGökçe Elif Baykal, MA

PhD Candidate in Design, Technology & Society Program, 4th year

Elif’s research combines psychology research with child-centered design studies, and focuses on developing a physical-digital game that incorporates spatial manipulatives with interactive narrative.

She enjoys writing cartoon scripts and organizing playful activities for children in TurkeyCV


Demet Özer, MA

PhD Student in Psychology, 2nd year.

Demet is interested in multimodal communication and language processing in general. Her specific area of research is on gesture processing, the role of higher order cognitive processes (e.g. working memory) on the integration between speech and gesture and the role of gestures in language production in people with focal brain injury.

She enjoys hiking and travelling.   CV



Büşra İzgi

PhD Student in Neuroscience, 1st year

She is interested in understanding how human cognitive abilities can be affected by diseases or other factors and whether or not these effects are irreversible.
She really enjoys reading children’s books, watching cartoons and she is passionate about volunteering.  CV


seda resim

Seda Karaköse Akbıyık 

MA Student in Psychology, 2nd year

Seda is interested in interaction of language and thought processing (neural correlates of language, language-related disorders, language and other cognitive processes such as memory, decision making and perception). She is very much interested in philosophy of mind, studies on consciousness and linguistics.




Hazal Kartalkanat

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

Hazal is interested in language and thought interactions in adults and children and the role of gesture in relation to speech and thought. Her research focuses on the effects of gesture on children’s spatial and event memory.

She enjoys travelling and watching movies. CV




Sümeyra Saatçi

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

Sümeyra is interested in combining clinical and cognitive aspects of psychology. In relation to language and cognition, she works on how neurodegenerative diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders are affecting the language and thought interaction as well as the usage of co-speech gesture. The other research topic that she dwells on is associated with stress-related disorders and time-based decision-making processes that is mediated by inflammatory biomarkers in both the central and peripheral nervous system.
She is a fan of Sherlock Holmes, she likes travelling and spending time on handcrafts.  CV



Zeynep Aslan

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

Zeynep is interested in much-debated language and thought interaction. Especially, she is
curious about understanding whether and how language affects the way we perceive and
experience emotion.
She enjoys travelling and reading classic novels.  CV