Assoc. Prof. Tilbe Göksun

Dr. Göksun’s research interests center on the relation between language and various thinking processes. In the lab, she uses different populations (children, healthy adults, brain-injured patients) and methodologies (e.g., looking time-eye tracking, act-out tasks, linguistic and gestural analyses, and voxel-lesion symptom mapping) to answer her research questions. Tilbe loves reading, watching movies, and visiting new cities. CV

Office Location: SOS Z17B
Office Phone: 0212-338-1872

Demet Özer, MA

PhD Student in Psychology, 4th year.

Demet is interested in multimodal communication and language processing in general. Her specific area of research is on speech-gesture integration during communication and the possible mechanisms mediating this integration process.  Demet enjoys hiking and travelling. CV 


Burcu Arslan

PhD Student in Psychology, 2nd year

Burcu is interested in bilingualism and second language acquisition as well as effects of languages on developing dementia, especially Alzheimer’s Disease.  She enjoys a lot traveling and learning new languages. CV

Gyulten Hyusein, MSc

PhD student in Psychology, 1st Year

Gyulten is interested in the effects of bilingualism on cognitive ageing in healthy adults and those diagnosed with psychiatric and/or neurological conditions. She is curious about the cross-cultural and cross-linguistic aspects affecting neuropsychological assessment and treatment. Other topics that she is keen on exploring are creativity and neuroaesthetics in both healthy and pathological samples. To recharge her batteries, Gyulten likes to spend time outdoors in nature, especially hiking, or do yoga and pilates at home; recently, she signed up for the ballet classes at Koç University.  CV

Erim Kızıldere

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

Erim personally believes that play is an important part of human live since it develops shared spheres among humans, invokes happiness and imagination, provides unique experiences along with teaching. From such a reasoning he focuses on play, as a joyful activity engaged by infants to elderly people, and its connection with cognitive abilities including language and theory of mind. Specifically, how pretend play and language development are interrelated with each other and why are the main questions he seeks answers in this laboratory. Other than his academic pursuit, he loves meeting new cultures and getting to  know new friends and languages. CV

Emir Akbuğa

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

Emir is interested in the interaction of language and thought in adults. He  mainly focuses on the relation between language and event perception as well as metaphors and their effects on cognitive processes. He is an avid reader of the crime thriller genre, he likes martial arts, listening to and making music. CV

Mert Kobaş 

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

Mert is interested in motor development, cognitive development and parental input. Especially he wants to focus on language acquisition process and language and thought interaction in children. He loves to play bass guitar and make music with his band. He enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi novels.CV

Feyza Nur Dik

MA student in Psychology, 1st Year

Feyza is interested in the relationship between language and cognitive processes. She enjoys thinking about how language and music are related. She is also interested in language development and how pretend play is connected to linguistic and other cognitive abilities in children. She enjoys sewing and painting, and recently she started learning how to play ukulele. CV

Esma Nur Asalıoğlu

MA student in Psychology, 1st year

Esma’s research interests range from cognitive control to language and emotionality relation in adults. She wants to understand whether intensity of various emotion concepts differs in first and second languages. Outside the lab, she enjoys seeing plays, reading crime thriller novels and wandering around with her camera. CV


Işıl Doğan

MA student in Psychology, 1st year

Işıl is curious about cognitive development of infants, specifically on how typically and
atypically developing infants differentiate in terms of their language development. Additionally, she is interested in investigating bilingualism by focusing on how proficiency in second language affects linguistic and cognitive processes in both first and second languages in adults and children. Besides that, she likes charcoal drawing and taking photos with any device which has lens. CV

Ceylan Beşevli

Ph.D. student in Design, Technology, and Society, 3rd year

Ceylan has her bachelor’s degree in product design and she is doing her PhD on interaction design. Specifically, she is working both on gestural interaction projects and child-computer interaction research (tangibles for preschool math development). Her interests lie in designing technologies for children while fostering their developmental needs. She loves all things with hands-on making and nature. 

Büşra İzgi

PhD Student, 3rd year

Büşra is interested in how neurobiological mechanisms of stress and cognitive abilities are affected by environmental and genetic factors. She really enjoys reading, writing and drawing children’s books, watching cartoons and also she is passionate about volunteering.CV

Zeynep Adıgüzel

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

Zeynep is interested in memory and language interface in general. More specifically, she is curious about the way we perceive dynamic and ongoing events and whether this strategy affects how we remember them. Other than academic work, she loves taking analog photographs and visiting new places. CV

asli_yurtseverAslı Yurtsever

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

Aslı is interested in memory-language interface. She studies linguistic inference-making, working memory, executive functions and multilingualism. She enjoys learning new languages. Latin dancer, secretly aspires to be a travelling food blogger. CV

Ezgi Bilgin

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

Ezgi has everlasting curiosity about autobiographical memories and the ways they are shared. She is very interested in the question of which cognitive mechanisms allow memory transmission and shared memories. The interplay between memory and language is the focus of her master’s thesis. It is not a coincidence that Marcel Proust is Ezgi’s favorite author and she loves literature. CV