Assoc. Prof. Tilbe Göksun

Dr. Göksun’s research interests center on the relation between language and various thinking processes. In the lab, she uses different populations (children, healthy adults, brain-injured patients) and methodologies (e.g., looking time-eye tracking, act-out tasks, linguistic and gestural analyses, and voxel-lesion symptom mapping) to answer her research questions. Tilbe loves reading, watching movies, and visiting new cities. 

Office Location: SOS Z17B
Office Phone: 0212-338-1872

Demet Özer, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral researcher

Demet studies how humans use and comprehend language in its multimodal, situated context. She is specifically interested in one of the most important forms of communication: co-speech iconic hand gestures. Her work focuses on how and why speakers and listeners employ gestures during communication, thinking, and learning. E-mail: CV 


Dilay Z. Karadöller

Postdoctoral researcher

Dilay’s research tackles how children develop the ability to communicate and reason about spatial relations and which factors influence this development. Her work focuses on language modality (speech, sign, and gesture) and late sign language exposure as two possible factors influencing this development. In addition, she enjoys spending time with her beloved son, doing sports, and cooking in her spare time. CV


Burcu Arslan

PhD student in Psychology, 4th year

Burcu is interested in multimodal communication. Her studies mainly focus on cognitive processes related to gesture production and speech disfluency across different age groups. She enjoys travelling and learning new languages. CV


Gyulten Hyusein, MSc

PhD student in Psychology, 3rd Year

Gyulten’s current research is focused on the interplay between thinking processes (creative thinking, mental imagery) and language modalities (gestures, bilingualism). She is also interested in how cognition and language use change with aging and in those diagnosed with neurological conditions. In the future, she would like to do research on optimizing tools for neuropsychological assessment and treatment. To recharge her batteries, Gyulten likes exploring new places and doing yoga/pilates. CV


Emir Akbuğa, M.A.

PhD student in Psychology, 2nd year

Emir is interested in the interaction of language and thought in adults. He  mainly focuses on the relation between language and event perception as well as metaphors and their effects on cognitive processes. He is an avid reader of the crime thriller genre, he likes martial arts, listening to and making music. CV


Feyza Nur Dik

MA student in Psychology, 3rd Year

Feyza is interested in the relationship between language and cognitive processes. She enjoys thinking about the interaction of language and thought from multimodal and cross-linguistic perspectives. She studies the effect of linguistic labeling in spatial relations and how individual differences in different cognitive mechanisms interact with it. Another topic she is interested in is language development and its relation to socio-cognitive abilities in children. Other than academics, she enjoys crafting, learning about indoor gardening, and memorizing the Latin names of her plants. She also spends a lot of time in the kitchen trying to invent new recipes. CV


Esma Nur Asalıoğlu

MA student in Psychology, 3rd year

Esma’s main area of interest is non-verbal emotion communication. More specifically, she is interested in how speakers’ gesture use changes when communicating emotional information and also the characteristics of gestures that help listeners make sense of emotional content. Outside the lab, she enjoys seeing theatre plays, reading crime thriller novels and wandering around with her camera. CV


Işıl Doğan

MA student in Psychology, 3rd year

Işıl mainly investigates caregiver multimodal input, which is the primary source for infants to learn aligning external world and language. She specifically focuses on the internal factors (e.g., neonatal status, individual differences in multimodal language comprehension) and external factors (e.g., caregiver multimodal input, caregivers’ beliefs) in linking language and cognition, building on plasticity arguments. She also loves editing her friends’ photos and constructing funny hypothetical scenarios about them. CV


Salih Can Özdemir

MA student in Psychology, 2nd year

These days, Salih is curious about the development of causality. He wants to answer questions like: How do children reason about cause and effect relations? What role does language play in that? How do we explain, predict, or infer causality? To answer those questions, he tries to design unique research methods and he investigates linguistic input. He also loves music cognition research. Outside academia, Salih loves the literary works of Bilge Karasu, the films of Wong Kar Wai, the music of Fiona Apple, the cult TV series The Sopranos, and internet memes. CV


Şeref Can Esmer

MA student in Psychology, 1st year

Şeref is interested in how children learn a language and how language learning interacts with their cognitive development. Specifically, he focuses on the role of sound symbolism in children’s vocabulary learning and the relation between children’s language use and their relational reasoning development. Şeref likes watching sitcom series and cook shows. CV


Güler Zeynep Sülün

MA student in Psychology, 1st year

Zeynep earned her bachelor’s degree in linguistics and is curious about the cognitive mechanisms that make language possible. She enjoys thinking about the evolution of language and animal communication. She loves crocheting, drawing, watching good (or bad) horror movies and reading comics. CV


Ceylan Beşevli

Ph.D. student in Design, Technology, and Society, 5th year

Ceylan has her bachelor’s degree in product design and she is doing her PhD on interaction design. Specifically, she is working both on gestural interaction projects and child-computer interaction research (tangibles for preschool math development). Her interests lie in designing technologies for children while fostering their developmental needs. She loves all things with hands-on making and nature. CV