Exciting news from L2TOR!

Very exciting news! Our lab, in collaboration with Prof. Aylin Küntay’s lab, (http://dililetisimlab.ku.edu.tr/index.php?lang=en) has started a research project called L2TOR (pronounced ‘el tutor’) – Second Language Tutoring using Social Robots, funded by the European Commission. We are part of a big consortium (http://www.l2tor.eu/consortium/), involving different universities and companies in Europe. A child-friendly social robot will be used to support teaching preschool children a second language. The project will focus on teaching English as second language to native speakers of Dutch, German and Turkish, and teaching Dutch and German as second language to immigrant children speaking Turkish as a native language.

For more info please visit L2TOR general website (http://www.l2tor.eu/) or L2TOR Turkey website (in Turkish: https://l2torturkiye.wordpress.com/about/)

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